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5 Questions That Will Be Asked on The Day of Judgement
Every creature on this planet is short-lived as a human, animals, trees, mountains. This shows that there is someone who is the creator of the world and the controller of all that is happening in the universe. And who can do it again? Allah Says in Quran,

“Allah, there is no divinity apart from Him. He will assuredly bring together you for the Day of Judgment, about which there is no uncertainty. And who is more Truthful than Allah in a statement.” [Quran, 4: 87]

Everybody will be questioned about the serenity of all the obligatory spiritual activities according to Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH) and various Quranic verses. They are answerable for their deeds such as faith in Allah and His Final Messenger (PBUH) and accomplishment of Namaz, Fasting, Zakat, and Hajj. Allah will also have asked about Haqoq ul Ibad.  

5 Questions on the Day of Judgment 

According to Hadith,

"The son of Adam will not pass away from God." The son of Adam will not pass away from Allah what did he do with his knowledge. "(Tirmidhi) 

This Hadith shows clearly, no one will pass away. Jannah, who is in charge of the project, will be responsible for this project. Questions which are asked on the day of Judgment are given below,

• How one Lived its Life on Earth
• How one Utilized its Youth
• How one earned its wealth
• How one Spent its We are
• What one did with its knowledge

The Day of Judgment in the Light of Quran

 About these 5 questions, Allah Says in Quran, 

"And I did not make the jinn and manhood apart from worship me." [Quran, 51: 56]

"Then you will assuredly be questioned that day about desire". [Quran, 102: 8]

"[Quran, 2: 155]" And, we will assuredly test you with a certain degree of fear and starvation and a harm of prosperity and lives and fruits,

In short, the Holy Prophet (PBUH) has as long as all His supporters with 5 vital passages of activities which will result in one's achievement or disappointment on the Day of Judgment. If you are in need of it, you have to go for umrah with  umrah packages 2018 liverpool .

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